Account Application

Credit Terms & Policies

  1. Credit limits are established when account is opened. Accounts must remain within the established credit limit. Please call our credit department to adjust your limit if required.
  2. Credit terms are NET 30 days from date of invoice.
  3. Unpaid balances over 30 days will be charged interest at a rate of 2% per month.
  4. Accounts with invoices outstanding 45 days from date of invoice will not receive shipments until account payment arrangements are in place with our Accounts Receivable Manager.
  5. All orders shipped to B.C., Ont., NWT or Yukon are prepaid within credit card.
  6. A $20.00 service charge will apply to NSF cheques.
  7. All cheque writing privileges will be suspended if a credit payment cheque is returned NSF- payments will only be accepted in cash or certified cheque from that time on.
  8. A statement is issued monthly as a courtesy to you. It can bee-mailed to you or m.ailed to you at an additional fee of $2. This does not indicate that you have an additional 30 days to pay.

Order Delivery Procedure

  1. International Beauty Services and Supplies must be notified of all shortages, or damaged goods immediately upon receipt of goods. All packaging must be kept intact as we will request it back in order to process a claim. Any claims not reported within 24 hours will not be honored.
  2. Shipping manifests must be signed at the time of delivery. Please count the number of pieces you are receiving and note any damages with the driver.
  3. International Beauty Services and Supplies will cover freight charge for orders in excess of $500. Freight charges are as follows:
    Orders within Edmonton city limits and surrounding cities including Leduc, Fort Saskatchewan, Nisku, Morinville, Beaumout, Spruce Grove, and Stony Plain: $12.00
    Orders outside city limits: $15.00
    Orders to B.C., Yukon, NWT, Nunavut: responsibility of buyer
    Freight charges are determined by weight of the order and calculated according to our freight agreement with Purolator or DHL. Every order is shipped by courier ground service which specifies delivery is most likely by the end of the next business day in major centers, though can be 2 or more days. Both couriers do offer different expedited delivery services for an extra fee. For example, there is Purolator Express 10:30 am-guaranteed delivery by 10;30 am the next business day. Please feel free to ask your customer service representative for more shipping information.
    Orders delivered via any other service are the sole responsibility of the receiver. Freight on furniture orders will always be FOB Edmonton. There is a $14 service charge on COD orders.
  4. All defective merchandise will be replaced at no charge, but must be more than half full.
  5. All credit returns must be picked up by a Sales Consultant. No freight charges will be paid for credit returns as they are the responsibility of the purchaser. Please call Customer Service for pre-authorization, if you are returning an order through any other means than your Sales Consultant.
  6. All products returned must be in their original packaging and be in resellable condition with no pricing stickers. Discontinued (or old) packaging will not be accepted for credit. No returns will be accepted on merchandise purchased 6 months prior.
  7. Dannyco shears (Jaguar, Champion and Master Class Champion) have a 30 day money back guarantee with the exceptions to JOT 9, T-32, N-1, N:rH, Q-1, Q-2, Q-TH. The original receipt must be provided. Please refer to your Kasho brochure in your shear box for complete warranty details. Kenchii shears have a 1 year warranty. Shears must be sent to Custom Edge to determine whether the shears will be fixed or replaced.
  8. All electricals (e.g. curling irons, blow dryers) that are defective must have original invoice to guarantee replacement. Please note our manufacturers have different policies – check your warranty card for details. Your Sales Representative will be able to provide you with specific information.
  9. Any products returned after 60 days from purchase are subject to a 20% restocking fee.
  10. Skin care products and cosmetics that have been opened will not be accepted for credit.
  11. Nail products that have been opened may be contaminated and will not be accepted for credit.

Schedule ‘A’

Conditions of Sale

It is declared policy of International Beauty Services and Supplies (the Vendor) at all times to sell its products to hairdressing salons exclusively, in order to ensure the provision of the level of servicing that purchasers of such products might reasonably expect.
A Salon is defined herein as an operation the primary purpose of which a potential customer would perceive as being the provision of haircare to the public by professionals at such locations, and at least 55% of the gross revenue is realized from services provided by trained hairstylists or an esthetician.

All sales are made on the following conditions:

  1. The Purchaser shall purchase the Products only for the purpose of sales from a Salon, as the term defined herein, and shall not sell the product to any person whom the Purchaser may reasonably have information to believe would resell the product in a location other than a Salon.
  2. The purchaser shall notify the Vendor if and when the Purchaser discontinues the operation of a Salon and shall offer to the Vendor for repurchase all of its original stock of the Product then on hand, to be purchased at the Vendor’s option, at the same price at which products were sold to the Purchaser.
  3. In the event the Vendor notifies the Purchaser that in the Vendor’s opinion, the operation conducted by the Purchaser is not a Salon, and/or the Product is being sold by the Purchaser other than in a Salon, the Purchaser shall purchase no further product from the Vendor, and the Vendor shall not sell any further product to the Purchaser, unless or until the Purchaser provides evidence satisfactory to the Vendor that the operation conducted by the Purchaser is a Salon and the Purchaser enters into further contract.

For valuable consideration, the Purchaser hereby agrees that the limitations and restrictions contained in this agreement are reasonable limitations in order to protect the interests of the Vendor and the Purchasers of the Product, if handled inappropriately, may cause substantial potential for liability.

Matrix Essentials, Inc. Salon Contract

Matrix Essentials, Inc. (“Matrix”) manufactures and sells a high quality line of hair care, skin care, cosmetic, lip and nail, and bath accessories which are designed and intended for sales only in professional salons that generate at least 50% of their gross revenues from providing professional services rather than from the selling products. The undersigned distributor of Matrix products (“Distributor”) is a distributor of Matrix products., and is contractually obligated to Matrix to sell its products only to professional salons for use in those salons or resale-to legitimate salon clients. The undersigned salon (“Salon”) wishes to purchase Matrix products from Distributor and Distributor is willing to sell Matrix products to Salon provided that Salon agrees to the terms and conditions set forth herein:

NOW THEREFORE, Distributor and Salon agree as follows:

  1. Salon of Matrix products without the opportunity for assistance and consultation with a trained cosmetologist may result in failure to obtain optimal results and create adverse perception about Matrix, its Distributors and its products.
  2. Salon warrants and represents that at least 50% of its gross revenues are from providing professional services rather than from selling products. Salon acknowledges and agrees that it is a condition of remaining an approved purchase of Matrix products that at least 50% of its gross revenues continue to be from providing professional services. Upon request by Distributor from time to time Salon shall provide evidence satisfactory to the Distributor in its sole opinion that the percentage of gross revenues which are from professional services exceeds 50%, failing which the Distributor shall be entitled to suspend sales to the Salon pending the receipt of such satisfactory evidences.
  3. All Matrix products purchased by Salon (a) will be used by Salon on its premises in connection with providing services to Salon clients, or (b) in the case of retail products designed for home maintenance use, will be sold only on the Salon’s premises to legitimate Salon clients in such
    reasonable quantities as those clients may purchase for personal home maintenance use. Salon will not resell Matrix products in bulk, nor resell Matrix products to any diverter or redistributor of products.
  4. Matrix professional use only products, including hair coloring products, permanent waves and any other products labelled ”for professional use only”, “‘not for retail sale” or with similar language, shall not be sold by Salon to anyone under any circumstances, but may be used only by Salon on its premises in connection with providing services to Salon clients.
  5. Salon will not remove, obliterate or tamper with the batch codes applied to Matrix products. In the event the Distributor codes Matrix products that are sold to Salon, Salon will not remove, obliterate, or tamper with said codes.
  6. Salon acknowledges that the diversion of Nexxus products to non-salon locations seriously damages Nexxus’ reputation with consumers and the reputation of Nexxus products, and may cause confusion as the Nexxus’ approval of the sale of its products through non-salon locations.
  7. Salon acknowledges that the diversion of Matrix products to non-salon locations seriously damages Matrix’s reputation with consumers and the reputation of Matrix products, and may cause confusion as to Matrix’s approval of the sale of its products through non-salon locations. Salon also acknowledges that diversion disrupts Matrix’s business relations with legitimate salons and with matrix’s distributors., and costs Matrix hundreds of thousands of dollars every year to police and repurchase diverted products. Accordingly, Salon agrees that if it violates this contract, Matrix or Distributor shall be entitled to obtain an injunction in any court of competent jurisdiction against Salon prohibiting such violation, and that Salon will pay to Matrix or Distributor in damages (but not as a penalty) a sum equal to the full retail price normally charged by Salon for any Matrix products sold to Salon that are resold by Salon in violation of this agreement, and that Salon will further pay as damages whatever costs are incurred by Matrix or Distributor to recover any such diverted products.
  8. Salon will take appropriate steps to ensure that all of its employees are made aware of this contract and that they comply with it.
  9. The provisions of this contract are specifically intended to benefit Salon, Matrix and Distributor, and any one of them may bring an action to enforce the provisions of this contract. Either Salon or Distributor may terminate this agreement with respect to future purchases immediately upon notice.