Socolor Neutral - 85ml

SKU: MAT601701
Socolor Neutral - 85ml
Socolor Neutral - 85ml
Socolor Neutral - 85ml 11N - Extra Light Blonde Plus
Socolor Neutral - 85ml 10N - Extra Light Blonde
Socolor Neutral - 85ml 9N - Light Blonde
Socolor Neutral - 85ml 8N - Medium Blonde
Socolor Neutral - 85ml 7N - Dark Blonde
Socolor Neutral - 85ml 6N - Light Brown
Socolor Neutral - 85ml 5N - Medium Brown
Socolor Neutral - 85ml 4N - Dark Brown
Socolor Neutral - 85ml 3N - Darkest Brown
Socolor Neutral - 85ml 2N - Natural Black
Socolor Neutral - 85ml 1N - Black

Socolor Neutral - 85ml

SKU: MAT601701
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SoColor now with strengthening Cera-Oil Conditioning Complex containing natural Jojoba Oil, Polymers, and Ceramide nourishes hair, delivering noticeable smoothness, softness and shine.

Patented ColorGrip Dye Technology provides long lasting rich, vibrant color with exceptional grey coverage, fresh new fragrance.


- Experiment from icy to smokey with no risk of red or brass.
- Improved hair condition: 2x more conditioning that lasts up to 20 shampoos
- Even color from regrowth area to ends: 2x more ceramides to even the cuticle for uniform color deposit
- Low-Ammonia base provides a steady, more controlled lift for reliably cooler results without compromising the level of lift.
- Brass Neutralizing dye combinations allow each shade to stay true to tone and last longer.
- Superior dye calibration ensure the coolest results in the Matrix portfolio
- Power Cools Dyes provide long-lasting pure cool tones.
- Improved wearability overtime: 100% oxidative dyes are fade resistant & stay true to tone.

How to use

Use SoColor permanent color on new growth & virgin applications
Mix equal parts of SoColor shades with Matrix 1-, 20, or 30 Volume Cream developer and process for 30-45 minutes.
The higher the developer, the higher the lift. The more lift, the more exposure to the underlying pigment (warmth!).

- Use with 10 VOLUME for maximum cool deposit and brass neutralization
- Use with 20 VOLUME for up to 2 levels of lift or when mixing with the Blended Collection for grey coverage
- Use with 30 VOLUME for up to 3 levels of lift with cool tonal deposit.
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