Megix10 Naturals - 100ml

SKU: MEG00101010
Megix10 Naturals - 100ml 10 - Extra Light Blonde
Megix10 Naturals - 100ml 9 - Very Light Blonde
Megix10 Naturals - 100ml 8 - Light Blonde
Megix10 Naturals - 100ml 7 - Medium Blonde
Megix10 Naturals - 100ml 6 - Dark Blonde
Megix10 Naturals - 100ml 5 - Light Brown
Megix10 Naturals - 100ml 4 - Medium Brown
Megix10 Naturals - 100ml 3 - Dark Brown
Megix10 Naturals - 100ml 1 - Black

Megix10 Naturals - 100ml

SKU: MEG00101010
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Megix 10 Hair Colour Cream is much more than a simple coloring, repairs, moisturizes and nourishes the hair fiber giving it new life and beauty. All with a shutter speed of just 10 minutes, which reduces to one-third the time of application.

The unique formulation combines the best possible elements in the revolutionary Fision Keraveg-18: innovative formulation keratin that is proposed as a vegetable alternative to animal protein, boasting as many as 18 amino acids including wheat protein and silk, arginine, serine and threonine, in addition to ensuring countless benefits.

  • Total coverage of white hair even in nuance fashion.
  • Staining of long duration.
  • Low ammonia content.
  • Intense reflections and vibrant colors.
  • Reliable color results.
  • No stain on the skin and no irritation.
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