1.0\1N - Black - No Ammonia - 100ml

SKU: EUF003010
1.0\1N - Black - No Ammonia - 100ml
1.0\1N - Black - No Ammonia - 100ml

1.0\1N - Black - No Ammonia - 100ml

SKU: EUF003010
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Eufora Color: No Ammonia Shades

  • Low MEA Content: Formulated with less than 1% MEA (Monoethanolamine) for a gentle touch.
  • Grey Coverage: Delivers permanent, long-lasting 100% grey coverage with each application.
  • Harmonious Calibration: Designed to match level, tone, and mixing formulations with Eufora Color Low Ammonia Shades.

Innovative Micro Molecular Technology

  • Low Alkalinity: Utilizes low levels of alkalizing agents, thanks to Eufora's exclusive technology.
  • Deep Cortex Penetration: Creates minuscule pigment particles that penetrate deeply through the cuticle to the cortex.
  • High-Purity Pigment: Pigment particles are atomized in a vacuum to achieve 99.98% purity.

Permanent No Ammonia Color Process

  • Enhanced Cortex Deposit: Forms an additional layer of color in the outer cortex for exceptional shine.
  • Pigment Performance: Offers permanent pigmentation that aids in neutralizing, balancing, or enhancing underlying pigments.

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