Sparkling Rose - Watercolors DD Intense Color - 88ml / 3oz.

SKU: TRE120310
Sparkling Rose - Watercolors DD Intense Color - 88ml / 3oz.
Sparkling Rose - Watercolors DD Intense Color - 88ml / 3oz.

Sparkling Rose - Watercolors DD Intense Color - 88ml / 3oz.

SKU: TRE120310
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Get wild and crazy! Be as creative and colorful as possible! Watercolors DD Intense Color has a trendsetting shade to fit every client’s need.Now you can give them the haircolor they REALLY want! Apply straight from the tube in10 fabulous shades or mix-your-own for an infinite pallet of colors!
  • UV Filters: UV-A, UV-B and UV-C protection
  • Brilliant, long-lasting color
  • Most effective and vibrant on pre-lightened hair
  • Easy to apply straight from the tube with a twist-off cap
  • No ammonia, direct-dye colors so there’s no mixing with developer
  • Extra conditioning ingredients are added to protect bleached hair and add shine for luminous color
  • 10 colors available in 3oz. tubes


Results are most vibrant on pre-lightened hair. See below for pre-lightening with Watercolors Lightener.

Prep: Prevent staining by applying Tressa Protage to hairline, ears and any exposed skin.

Apply: Wearing gloves, apply to evenly pre-lightened (a level 9 or 10), dry hair utilizing foils to contain color. Spread product thoroughly for maximum deposit. Do not apply to the scalp.

Process: Process 20 minutes at room temp or under low dryer heat (setting 1) for maximum intensity.

Rinse: Rinse foil section(s) away from face to prevent color transfer to skin and untreated hair. Rinse with water (use cold water for maximum vibrancy and longevity) until water runs clear OR shampoo once with Tressa Replenishing Shampoo. Lock in color with Watercolors Clear Conditioner, Tressa Replenishing Conditioner or Tressa Concerv Cuticle Sealer.


To establish whether your client’s skin may be sensitive to Watercolors DD Intense Color, do the following preliminary Patch Test 48 hours prior to application.

  • Clean a small, healthy area of skin behind the ear or inside elbow using soapy water. Let dry.
  • Apply Watercolors DD Intense Color to previously cleaned area using a cotton-tipped applicator. Let dry.
  • Leave area untouched for 48 hours. Examine after 48 hours. If negative, desired color can be applied immediately. If burning, itching, swelling, irritation or abnormal reaction occurs in or around the area at any time during the test period, the color should not be used on the client.

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