GA.MA Dryer - IQ3 Perfetto - Black

SKU: GAM000300
GA.MA Dryer - IQ3 Perfetto - Black

GA.MA Dryer - IQ3 Perfetto - Black

SKU: GAM000300
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GAMA Italy iQ3 Perfetto Hair Dryer

The best of Italian design.  3RD Generation of the original smart dryer. 

Innovation is at the heart of its DNA. It is as light as a smartphone, compact, has incredible power, includes an intelligent operating system, and is energy efficient. With cutting-edge hair care technologies, it was now supercharged with innovative updates, bringing it to the next level.

Features & Benefits:

  • Unique User Experience: Work efficiently, comfortably, and wisely. Ultra-high performant, faster & yet energy efficient. The iQ3 helps to avoid arm problems due to prolonged use of the hair dryer.
  • Smart hair dryer equipped with a smart pad: Standby technology automatically deactivates  your hair dryer when placed on the iQ3 smart pad. More efficient & sustainable work, thanks to the intelligent automatic shutdown system, the iQ3 saves excessive energy use and time.
  • Mini Size & Weight. Max PowerAt only 10.4oz / 0.65 pounds, 1,520W of power. The turbo function increases the airflow, taking the engine from a standard speed of 110.000rpm to a super speed of 120,000rpm for 30 seconds.
  • Reduce your drying time with Venturi effect: Reduce drying time with venturi effect. Venturi effect multiplies the airflow delivered by the engine, without using extra power.
  • Oxy Active Technology. Color Lock Effect: The incredible antibacterial and rejuvenating properties of active oxygen and negative ions deep clean the scalp and hair. Protect hair from the damage produced by free radicals, ensuring frizz-free, hydrated and regenerated hair and guaranteeing brighter and longer lasting color treatments (Color Lock).
  • Keep your hair & dryer fully clean with double micro filters2 removable & washable filters facilitate daily cleaning. Almost nothing reaches your hair, scalp or the inside of your dryer! Plus: they do not snatch your client’s hair!
  • Easy cleaning with glass sprayFacilitate daily cleaning by simply using any glass cleaning spray and the brush provided in the care kit inside the box.
  • 9 extra fabric filters includedTo replace dirty or old ones. Reusable and washable up to 50 times to change as many times as you need.
  • Experience perfection with ESystem-C: ESystem-C is a new technology that allows the iQ3 to detect abnormal working conditions affecting the heat and airflow of the dryer, automatically restoring the correct operating temperature and signaling the blockages of air. It’s time to clean the hairdryer!
  • Ramp cooling effect: New Ramp Effect to regulate the internal temperature of the hair dryer efficiently.
  • 9.5ft standard size cord
  • Noise Db: 78
  • 3 air speeds
  • 3 temperature levels
  • Cool shot
  • Autoclean: New reminder buzzer & light
  • Cleaning kit: 1 cleaning cloth, 1 cleaning brush, 1 hanging hook
  • Lock button: Avoid accidentally changing your settings while working
  • Auto Diagnostics: Identifies any operating problems
  • Memory Function: Remembers last setting used

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