Gehwol Sample

SKU: GEHS00001
Gehwol Sample Med Sensitive - 5ml
Gehwol Sample Fusskraft Soft Feet Lotion - 5ml
Gehwol Sample Refreshing Foot Bath - 15g
Gehwol Sample Fusskraft Soft Feet Scrub - 5ml
Gehwol Sample Fusskraft Soft Feet Cream - 5ml
Gehwol Sample Callus Cream - 5ml
Gehwol Sample Hand Cream - 5ml
Gehwol Sample Fusskraft Hydrolipid Lotion - 5ml
Gehwol Sample Warming Balm - 5ml
Gehwol Sample Lipidro Cream - 5ml
Gehwol Sample Balm (Rough, Dry Skin) - 5ml
Gehwol Sample Foot Cream Extra - 5ml
Gehwol Sample Fusskraft Leg Vitality - 5ml
Gehwol Sample Fusskraft Mint - 5ml
Gehwol Sample Med Deoderant - 5ml
Gehwol Sample Med Salve - 5ml
Gehwol Sample Foot Bath (Blue) - 15g
Gehwol Sample Leg Balm - 5ml
Gehwol Sample Fusskraft Herbal Bath - 15g
Gehwol Sample Fusskraft Red Rich - 5ml
Gehwol Sample Fusskraft Green - 5ml
Gehwol Sample Fusskraft Blue - 5ml
Gehwol Sample

Gehwol Sample

SKU: GEHS00001
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Gehwol Fusskraft Blue contains tried and tested effective ingredients for the prevention of foot odour, helps to prevent infections and itching between the toes.

Natural caring oils such as lanolin are combined with moisturising aloe vera and urea to provide essential care for dry, rough skin on the feet, helping to restore the skin’s elasticity, suppleness and smoothness. The natural essential oils of rosemary, mountain pine and lavender, invigorating camphor and cooling menthol relieve sore, aching feet immediately.

  • Strengthens and revitalises the feet.
  • Dermatologically tested.
  • Also suitable for diabetics.
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