Megix10 10 Minute Grey Coverage Kit

SKU: MEGI21401
Megix10 10 Minute Grey Coverage Kit
Megix10 10 Minute Grey Coverage Kit

Megix10 10 Minute Grey Coverage Kit

SKU: MEGI21401
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Grey coverage re-touch| 40 min
10 minutes application
10 minutes process
20 minutes shampoo and blow-dry

Important notes:

  • Spray megix|1 up on hair before color treatment.
  • .0 is a cool natural with a yellow/green background tone.
  • .00 is a warm natural with a yellow/orange background tone.
  • Please do not mistake .00 to be used for additional grey coverage as the results will be warm.
  • The warm natural family is not intended to be used for additional pigment or additional grey coverage.
  • The warm natural family is intended to create warm results and to be used to conjunction with the cool natural to create a balanced natural result. (See above grey coverage chart to determine how much warm natural to mix into the formula).
  • The addition of warmth (whether from the warm natural or gold families) is necessary when working with over 25% grey hair to have a balanced and neutral result.
  • The amount of warmth added to your formula will depend on what the desired result is. If a warmer outcome is desired, more warmth should be added to the formula. If a cooler or more neutral outcome is desired, less warmth should be added.
  • Make sure to measure the formula precisely.
  • For best coverage, use 21 volume and process for 10 minutes.


• 9 megix|10 color 3.50 oz.
(1.0, 3.0, 5.0, 7.0, 9.0, 5.00, 7.00, 6.3, 8.3).
• 2 developers 21vol/6.3% 10.14 oz.
• 1 developer 12vol/3.6% 10.14 oz.
• 1 megixllup scalp protecting spray 5.03 oz.
• 1 quick guide to 10 minute grey coverage.
• 1 color menu/paper color chart.

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